11 Most Bitter Breakups in Hollywood History

11 Most Bitter Breakups in Hollywood History Lets check..

Hollywood romances are an addictive whirlwind – as fans, we get swept up in two stunning creatures that get to be each other’s arm candy on the red carpet and feed into all our rom-com fantasies. But we all know that Hollywood relationships tend to have an expiration date, and things can go bitter pretty quickly. Here are the some of the most bitter celebrity break-ups that ever went down.

1. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard These two really suffered an ugly split. She filed a domestic violence restraining order against Depp, ending their union which lasted just over a year. Insiders reveal that the relationship was always terrible, but culminated with physical abuse, like kicking Heard and throwing an iPhone at her. Heard won her divorce settlement and received 7 million which she donated to charities to stop violence against women.

2. Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Everyone once swooned at these “Twilight” co-stars finding happiness with each other – until it all shattered with K-Stew’s shocking proof of infidelity, caught on camera! She was caught smooching Rupert Sanders, the director of “Snow White and the Huntsman”. They tried to fix a broken relationship after, but it didn’t work and they split in 2013, leaving FKA to pick up the pieces.

3. Rihanna & Chris Brown Another sad and physically abusive end to a once happy couple – in 2009 they were both in the headlines for that infamous car assault, the night before she was supposed to perform at the Grammy’s. They even got back together a few years later, when she thought she could change him, ultimately revealing that “you realize after a while that in that situation you’re the enemy”. Rih, you too pretty to ever be the enemy. Find a man who deserves you!

4. Madonna & Sean Penn This 1980’s relationship was infamous for how badly it ended – they were both very passionate, and it didn’t always end well. Sean Penn has been rumored to abuse and torture his wife while she was tied to a chair. These two were cute together, but not worth a story as horrific as that!

5. Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian We guess this can technically go on the marriage list, but 72 days is pushing it. But isn’t that all part of how bitter this breakup was? Back in 2011, Kim K was for some reason, into the Neanderthal known as Kris Humphries, and their relationship was volatile due to him feeling she was milking the marriage for the fame, and she thought he has unrealistic expectations of her as a wife. Their divorce took over 500 days, which would have been a slightly more impressive length of marriage.

6. Linda & Hulk Hogan Who knew these two has issues behind the camera? Apparently everyone but us. On-camera, America’s favorite wrestler and his blond bombshell wife looked so in love – but behind the scenes apparently they fought to no end. Linda claims that Hulk’s affair is what ultimately killed the marriage, and it was allegedly with their daughter’s BFF! Gross!

7. Brandi Glanville & Eddie Cibrian Brandi is a notorious housewife personality – a tall and thin glass of water with a lot of attitude. We know her as solo Brandy now, but she was married to Eddie Cibrian in the first place, which put her on the map! The public mess following his infidelity to Brandy with country singer Leann Rimes and the betrayal of his family was ugly to watch. But Brandy came out on top!

8. Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert You might only recognize Blake as Gwen Stefani’s bae – but him and Miranda Lambert, an iconic power couple in Country music, were together for many years and didn’t even offer a PR statement on their separation – instead they opted for an immediate announcement of their divorce on July 20. Sounds like some stuff went down, but the secrets still haven’t leaked.

9. Minnie Driver & Matt Damon These babes worked together in movies like “Good Will Hunting” and their relationship had a pretty good run. But after a year, during a particularly awkward interview with Oprah in 1998, he thought it would be a good place to announce that he was single and wasn’t dating anyone. Minnie was angry and rightfully so – ghosting is one thing, but ghosting on Oprah? She didn’t agree that it was a great forum to break up with someone, so that ended rather quickly.

10. Gabriel Aubry & Halle Berry The custody battle is what made this break-up so especially sour. And while there’s nothing worse than a war between ex’s over a kid, and the legal fight culminated in a physical fight between Berry’s current husband, Olivier Martinez, with her ex Gabriel, sending them both to the hospital. So much drama!

11. Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise Scientology was thought to be the culprit between one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous and iconic couples. Lord knows poor Katie Holmes got the same treatment! After 10 happy years of marriage, Tom shocked Nicole just a couple of months after their anniversary by filing for divorce. It took Nicole a long time to heal from that pain and detox the small, bizarre scientologist from her life for good. But we like to think she definitely came out on top.

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