Top 10 Celebrities who don’t wear underwear

Top 10 Celebrities who don’t wear underwear

Today you’ll know the names of the top 10 celebrities who don’t wear underwear and don’t want anything to come between their body and their costumes.
In the world of glamor and fashion, each and every celebrity is a soldier in the war to win people’s hearts. They ultimately want to grab the public’s attention by doing what so ever they can do. They better know that social media, print media, and the paparazzi are covering every part of their lives. From Katy Perry to Beyonce, let’s check out the list of the female artists who don’t even bother to wear underwear.

Celebrities who don’t wear underwear – List of Top 10

Katy Perry 

The sexiest Katy Perry has many times found without wearing panties and for that she has been the center of gossips all around. But this doesn’t mean that it will create some negativity in people’s minds for her. Obviously not! She just looks perfect wearing no underwear as far as her looks are concerned. She better know how to dress up when it comes to looking stylish, fashionable and advanced. Katy Perry is extremely seductive with her perfect figure and dress sense. Katy Perry knows very well that she seems extremely desirable when not wearing underwear.

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus is also among those artists who are confident enough to appear without wearing underwear. Miley Cyrus has also appeared many times without putting on panties. She always has something unexpected for her fans and knows how to dress up in a dominant and prominent way to grab the attention of the media and to be highlighted in the gossips and news. Miley Cyrus knows the technique to be in the leading news on social media. Severally, she has flashed the public by wearing no underwear as she doesn’t like to wear one.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has also worn see-through pants with no underwears. It has been said that the lady rarely wears underwear. Kimmy K with her most famous booties never misses a chance to publicize her outlook without panties whether it’s a formal or some informal event. Whether to go for some shopping or some awards show, the lady rarely prefers to wear panties. Kim knows the fact that her appealing figure is not a thing to hide but to show off.

Jennifer Lopez 

Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest female singers of Hollywood who is not at all hesitated to appear on camera without wearing underwear. Her hot outfits are always the center of attraction to many of the people and J-Lo has made herself as a seductive and provocative sex symbol with her gestures as well as her underwear-less dresses. In 1998, she was declared as the ‘Sexiest Woman of the Year’ by Details Magazine. Jennifer Lopez’s butts are among the finest asses in Hollywood and she’s aware of this reality.


The super sexy Beyonce knows that people admire her gorgeousness and elegance in every way. With her perfect curves, Beyonce is already very hot and sexy, but when it comes to wearing see-through costumes with no underwear, the lady seems to be found extremely fabulous. Beyonce is famous for being reported as sexy, seductive and provocative. The lady has also been declared as the sex symbol and was called by the media as ‘Bootylicious’. Beyonce is alluring and has been listed in many lists of sexiest celebrities and hottest singers.

Miranda Kerr

Like other fellow artists, Miranda Kerr is also confident enough to appear without wearing underwear. Very clearly and visibly, Miranda Kerr has appeared wearing no underwear. Her outfits are attractive and she has appeared in many. Whether it is some red carpet event or some dinner at friends home, Miranda feels relaxed and comfortable refusing to put on panties. Miranda Kerr knows how to discriminate herself with others so she does whatever she want following her dreams and listening to her heart.

Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez has performed without wearing panties and it has been criticized that it would look even better if the dress she wore was good’ unfortunately it was a disappointment. Also, the girl has been spotted with no bra under her costumes. Basically, this is what celebrities do to attract people’s thoughts and attention towards them. Selena Gomez is a famous artist and she knows that every act of hers is being observed and noticed by everyone

Anne Hathaway

Being topless or wearing no underwear has been a real center of attraction when it comes to Anne Hathaway. Anne started her career in 1999 and has appeared in some intimate nude scenes, but as far as her presence on the red carpet or award events are concerned, she usually has been found wearing no underwear or bra. Anne Hathaway often took advantage of her ultimate beauty and sexiness by doing so.

Karlie Kloss

The tall supermodel, Karlie Kloss knows that the discriminating factor for her is not wearing underwear during the catwalk. Her internet breaking photos with no underwear was a trending topic on the internet and her dress with no underwear on the red carpet at the amfAR got viral in 2015. She went commando in the look and with her elegant personality, Karlie made the viewers speechless with her unique style and confidence.

Anja Rubik

The 33-year old Polish Model Anja Rubik is another name in the list of those ladies who never hesitated even for a second to appear with no underwear in front of the camera and sometimes live in front of thousands of folks. Anja Rubik showed her hip bone at the Costume Institute Gala. She showed her off her sharp hip bone and no panties were there on her body. Again, the same fact of fame, popularity and attention-seeking are there in this case and she has been successful up till now.
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