13 Inspiring And Gorgeous Female Bodybuilders With Abs Of Steel

13 Inspiring And Gorgeous Female Bodybuilders With Abs Of Steel

Luckily, we’re over the days where scary thin is the goal, and we’ve moved onto a more strong aesthetic (especially since we’re in the age of the booty!). These ladies prove that you don’t have to give up your feminine allure if you want to get more ripped than most of the guys you know. In fact, muscle building actually accentuates curves and burns more fat than cardio, even when you’re not working out, so that Greek goddess body is being built for you even when you’re not in action! These hotties will give you serious muscle envy, so get on those sneakers!

Wow. Is she even real? The perfect flat stomach, biceps that aren’t too massive, and a booty that puts Beyonce’s to shame. Combined with her killer workout outfit, this fitness goddess is ripped and totally flawless – we can’t find one thing that’s wrong with her.

This photo takes our breath away – everything about it. Our booties definitely do not look like that when we’re lying down. Those toned lines…lying down, she looks like a carefully sculpted statue, with a dreamy hourglass figure.

This babe in action with her boxer braids and gloves is not messing around, and we wouldn’t want to be in a ring with her! During her pull-up, her washboard abs come out to play and make us want to never eat office birthday cake again. Goals, seriously.

With the face of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel and the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s nothing holding this babe back from taking over the world. Go get ‘em, hottie! Who says muscle bulk on a girl can’t be sexy?

Built like a Greek goddess. We wish that our bodies looked so perfect and sculpted! Those legs, though. The makeup job is as flawless as her body, too.

Some much needed kettle bell inspiration in our life, finally. Those cut abdominals make this cutie look extra pretty in pink. Those forearm veins scream “don’t mess with me!”

The most we’d be able to do to that tire is sit on it and eat a sandwich – but this lady makes us want to try to push ourselves, at least. Those quads could lift a whole cheerleading team! And her fierce workout face is way better than our struggle faces.

Jeez, those bionic legs! She’s lean, but she’s not lacking. Those swollen biceps and insane legs can only come from dedication and hard work, ladies.

Man, that shoulder to waist ratio makes it look like this stunner is photoshopped – nope, she just works harder than you at the gym! Shootout to the actual camera selfie instead of an iPhone.

This hot tamale is shredded – this mirrored selfie is serving us double the muscle in one pic. That booty is giving us envy, and her obliques look so perfect that they appear spray-painted on, but make no mistake – she earned those perfect lines.

This knockout is a total fox in her all-black-everything workout ensemble. She turns towards us so we don’t miss out on any of that vital bicep inspiration – she makes us want to go to the beach to brush up on our tans, and do maybe a thousand push-ups.

This hottie keeps us wondering how its possible to be a muscle queen and keep all of your feminine curves – those hips and bodacious booty/thigh combo are an impressive follow-up to that delicate waist.

This tiny-waisted angel is crazy ripped, but so tiny! Is it possible to have more than an eight pack? Strong is beautiful but we think she might have negative percentage body fat.

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Hottest Indian Actresses,Hottest South Indian Actresses,Hottest Hollywood Actresses,Beautiful Indian Actress,Beautiful Hollywood Actresses.

Hottest Indian Actresses,Hottest South Indian Actresses,Hottest Hollywood Actresses,Beautiful Indian Actress,Beautiful Hollywood Actresses.
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